Experimental Textiles

First the book now the course...

Experimental Textiles

Development of personal and creative practice - with Kim Thittichai

Based on Kim’s very popular course and book these workshops will take place over 6 months with a two day workshop once a month. Kim will have 1:1 Skype tutorials with the students over the course of the week following each lesson in negotiation between the students and Kim for convenient times.

Course Cost  - £1200

Enrolling from November 3rd 2017


This course aims to encourage personal enquiry both about the marks and structures which appear out of the materials used and about the sources and terms of personal expression. The emphasis will be on intuitive, innovative and analytical work with materials and formative principals and will seek to encourage individual solutions for each student.

You will produce a collection of paper designs and textiles samples. Initial ideas can be developed through research and where ever possible should be taken from primary sources. It would be helpful if records of research could be documented both visually and with written support. You will be encouraged to analyse and evaluate your own work to determine specific courses for action, culminating with a selection of directed and self directed projects.


Learning activities will be mainly experiential in nature, based around a series of exercises and short directed and self directed projects. After each weekend you will be able to talk to Kim via Skype for individual tutorials. 30 minutes per month.

The course and its process of delivery is designed to enable you to expand your skills base and the development of your observational and critical ability. This encouragement to observe and reflect on the learning process is a major step in your ability to form ideas about the world of your own making based on your own research and should help you gain freedom from dependency on others about how and what you should think.

The encouragement to discuss yours and others work within a safe group environment is intended to give students the chance to discover what they can learn from others with different ideas and viewpoints.

If you’re interested in the course but would like to talk before enrolling please email Kim info@kimthittichai.com


Course Outline

Weekend 1 - January 27/28
Creating Original Designs

We will begin with painting your Journey and 2 other design exercises, we will then isolate designs and work up 2 way colour samples in your workbooks.

Home work – average 4 hours

Weekend 2 - February 24/25
From Design to Print

Using your designs from weekend 1 you will choose 2 designs and make printing blocks from them. Then you will make ‘mirror’ design printing blocks.

Get to know your new designs on a selection of papers and fabrics.

Home work – average 4 hours

Weekend 3 - March 24th/25th
Looking at Colour

Work through a simple colour wheel and tints, tones and shades exercise. Collect fabrics (or paper) in your chosen combinations to include - complimentary, triadic and analogous.

Home work – average 4 hours

Weekend 4- April 28/29
Still life – Don’t panic!

An exercise in looking. Create a still life to paint and draw – the larger the scale the better. You will use paint, crayons, pencils, pens – whatever you have in your stash.

Then you will tear some of your work up to create stitched collages.

(not the ones you are really pleased with).

Home work – average 4 hours

Weekend 5 - May 26/27th
Transforming Transfer

Have fun with colour and synthetic fabrics using disperse dyes (transfer paints). Create wonderful overlays of colours and work with resists.

We will then work with soldering irons and Bobdaweb/Vliesofix to create some rather fabulous applique for you to stitch into by hand or machine

Home work – average 4 hours

Weekend 6 - June 23/24
The end  . . or the beginning?

Using one of your designs and some of the techniques worked through on this course, create a finished piece of work. Look at how to frame, mount and display work.

Home work – average 4 hours

A journey through design, inspiration and interpretation.

The second book by Kim Thittichai